String Theorists is Steve's live band. When he plays an electric show, they step in to fill in the background. If Steve was Elvis Costello, they'd be The Attractions.

String Theorists are:

Chelle Fulk: Electric Violin
Irwin Anolik: Drums
Aron Rider: Cello

The Stevos never played a show as "The Stevos" but they did record a CD, "Meet The Stevos", composed primarily of original songs written when Marc and Steve were in the band *Batteries Not Included.

The Stevos were:

Steve Dockery: Guitar, Vocals, Programming
Marc Roulier: Bass, Vocals, Guitar

Elmo Balderdash began life as Steve's in-world persona in Second Life, a 3-D user-driven virtual world.

Inside Second Life, Elmo runs a music store (selling virtual versions of real-world musical instruments) and has also appeared in live performances. In these performances, Steve plays a solo show at home, and broadcasts the audio through a live stream that users in Second Life can hear. In-world, they see an avatar "Elmo Balderdash" appearing to play one of Steve/Elmo's virtual guitars.

Recently, the Elmo Balderdash name has been attached to a forthcoming line of real-world steampunk-themed musical instruments.

Elmo has his own website.

*Batteries Not Included was the band Steve played in for much of the 80's in New Jersey. The majority of the songs they played were originals, mostly penned by Steve. "The Sea", the first song on Steve's CD, "Wire & Wood", started out as a *BNI song. There is an electric "full band" version on "Meet The Stevos".

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