The Sea
This is an original song, written when I was in college in the mid-eighties. A full-band electric version of it appears on my first CD, "Meet The Stevos".

Steve Dockery: Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Chelle Fulk: Backing Vocal, Violin solo
Lynn Cunningham: Backing Vocal
Ferry 'Cross The Mersey
This song by Gerry and the Pacemakers has always been a favorite of mine in my live shows.

Steve Dockery: Vocal, Guitar, Bass
Chelle Fulk: Violin
This Blondie song works quite well as an acoustic ballad, despite the fact that the original depends upon a very busy drumbeat. This recording presents the song very simply, just vocal and guitar, just as it's heard in my live shows.
In My Life
This is one of my very favorite Beatles songs, written by John Lennon. My version has two violin tracks substituting for the "harpsichord" solo in the original.

Steve Dockery: Vocal, Guitar, Bass
Chelle Fulk: Violins
Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
This song, originally by U2, lends itself well to an acoustic treatment.

Steve Dockery: Vocal, Guitar, Bass
Chelle Fulk: Backing Vocal, Violin
Lynn Cunningham: Backing Vocal
Rocket Man
This Elton John song always makes me think of one of my favorite writers, Ray Bradbury, and also of William Shatner's idosyncratic take on it. I'm sticking closer to Elton's version than Shatner did!

Steve Dockery: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Chelle Fulk: Backing Vocals
Peace, Love and Understanding
This Nick Lowe song, made popular by Elvis Costello, is presented here just as it is heard in my live shows, just vocal and guitar.
The Amazing Romero
I first heard this song by Ralph Covert on his band's CD, "Good Examples of the Bad Examples", and it stuck with me so much, I had to start singing it in my live shows. Ralph records childrens' music these days under the moniker "Ralph's World", soI think it's delightful that his "grownup" band is called The Bad Examples.

Steve Dockery: Vocal, Guitar, Bass
Lovers' Lullabye
This arrangement of my original song has strayed a bit from sounding much like a lullabye, but the sentiment is the same - "I'll see you in my dreams." This track contains the only electric guitars on the entire CD: The bright, chiming chords heard right at the beginning, and occasionally afterwards.

Steve Dockery: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming
Tracks Of My Tears
Nobody can come close to Smokey Robinson's original, but I hope you enjoy my take on this classic song.

Steve Dockery: Vocal, Guitar
Lynn Cunningham: Backing Vocals
Wrapped Around My Finger
I've slightly latin-ized this eighties hit by the Police.

Steve Dockery: Vocals, Guitars
Michael Blair: Drum Loops from the Directions in Music Loop Collection.
Your Independence Day
We close the CD with this original song of loss and betrayal.

Steve Dockery: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Programming